Thursday, February 07, 2008

Watching conservatives speak at CPAC

by shamanic

This is just weird. Laura Ingraham is introducing Mitt Romney at CPAC and the lines and kudos and images she uses are just... weird. "I'm proud to be standing here. You are the foot soldiers of the Reagan Revolution!"

Okay, the Reagan Revolution happened decades ago. I mean, Ronald Reagan is all the way dead. Buried. In the ground. (That's not any kind of attack, just... fact.)

I don't generally watch these interest group gatherings from either side, but I'd be startled to hear a prominent Democratic advocate in the media get up in front of a liberal gathering and call the audience "footsoldiers in the FDR revolution", or Johnson's, or even Bill Clinton's. I think that we don't talk that way, and I think that we don't think that way. Am I wrong?

Anyway, it was a jarring thing to hear. She trashed McCain for a bit (Approximately: "It's not enough to say you were a footsoldier in the Reagan Revolution. We want to know what you've done for Conservatism lately." What you've done for conservatism lately? I mean, I know these are the true believers, but really?) then mocked Hollywood (they never get bored with that, one trick ponies), then introduced Romney, who at the moment has not dropped out.

Oh, he's going after the "culture of dependency". He's serious too: Mormons don't even drink coffee.

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