Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mittens gone

by shamanic

Doesn't want to stand in the way of Hillary or Barack surrendering to al Qaeda. Dickhead.


Malkin liveblogged Mitt's speech and reacted with "Nooooo!"

The Malkinites have gone nutz in comments.

Does anyone really believe this was Mitt's conscience speaking? It looks pretty transparently organised by men in smoky backrooms in an attempt to re-unify a crumbling GOP coalition. The smell of BS coming from Romney as he implicitly backs the guy he was calling a liberal just the other day is overpowering. I suspect Romney will now be McCain's VP candidate and the religious Right will be left to go onanize themselves.

And hey, if Romney is stepping back to let McCain have a clear run just because of the War On (Some) terror, what happened to all the BS about Iraq not being as much of an issue as the economy?

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