Thursday, February 07, 2008

CPAC And The Tornados

By Cernig

I find myself very curious to see whether Cheney or any of the GOP nomination candidates mention the crisis much of the mid-South is in today after tornados and storms created wide devastation. Will they adapt their speeches to show some compassionate conservatism for people in their voting heartland, or will they reveal themselves as heartless bastards too focussed on their big day to care about the little people? How many of the bloggers there today will take a moment from politics for a simple humanitarian appeal to their readers to send some aid donations to the affected areas? They're being put to shame by left wing bloggers on this.

Oops - Darth Cheney couldn't care less.

Update Nothing from Romney either. He was too busy licking McCain's boots as Teh Decider In Waiting.

Update And McCain makes it the trifecta of uncompassionate conservatism. Too busy ass-kissing.

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