Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh, that GOP funk!

by shamanic

Politico has an example of one of the most satisfying narratives of the '08 season today, a story on the "GOP funk", how money and enthusiasm are sadly lacking for our Republican friends as the Bush presidency concludes.

The GOP certainly has structural problems that it will have to address, but the joy for me is that I've been reading these stories my entire adult life with the parties reversed, so to finally have one frigging cycle where it's the GOP that's on the outs... God, it feels good. I'm sure in 2012, we'll be back to the same old narrative of Democratic disorganization and hand wringing, but in 2008, I'm savoring every bit of Republican disarray and uncertainty.

To those Republicans who drop by (welcome), I just want you to know as you read this article and others like it that the emotions you experience, and the arguments that scroll through your head, are identical to what your Democratic peers feel every other election cycle. Welcome to the bad years. You'll have your moment in the sun again soon, but for now you too get to know what it feels like to get kicked when you're down.

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