Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Edwards looking for Richardson's non-viable groups?

When I saw the report that John Edwards supports a rather swift and rather complete pull-out of US forces from Iraq, two things came to mind. First this is another differentiation policy proposal as both Obama and Clinton have supported maintaining large 'training' contigents and anti-coup forces in Iraq for the long haul despite the fact that the problem with the Iraqi government's armed forces are not training per se (as the militia members who are also government soldiers have done well in achieving their objectives) but a matter of loyalty and willingness to sacrifice for a national government. I think this is good policy.

The other thought is pure horse race and it is a quest by Edwards to gain a disproportionate share of Gov. Richardson's supporters as Gov. Richardson has made no residual forces a central piece of his campaign. With Kucinich urging his non-viable supporters to Obama, and Biden supporters seeking 'experience' that may lean towards Clinton, Richardson's supporters are the biggest in play group right now, and I think Edwards is making a strong pitch for their second choices.

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