Thursday, October 18, 2007


Above: DNC Headquarters.

By Cernig

Roll up, roll up! Come spelunking in DC with the greatest set of cavers ever to win an election! All it will cost you is America's soul and a little bit of shame at voting for these spineless troglodytes!

I mean...spelunkers!

Some reactions:

Shake's Sis "The legislation now includes immunity for the corporate douchebags who have passing on your info to the government whenever they ask for it, legal or not."

Kevin Hayden: "...selling out our liberty on the cheap. That most of the general public won’t rise up to oppose it indicates the saddest fact of all: the majority of Americans have become fearful cowards, waving the white flag as they surrender our freedoms."

Brilliant At Breakfast: "Dear Congress: Do you really think your 11% approval rating is because you're not kissing Bush's ass ENOUGH?"

Glenn Greenwald: "Let's just describe very factually and dispassionately what has happened here. Congress -- led by Senators, such as Jay Rockefeller, who have received huge payments from the telecom industry, and by privatized intelligence pioneer Mike McConnell, former Chairman of the secretive intelligence industry association that has been demanding telecom amnesty -- is going to intervene directly in the pending lawsuits against AT&T and other telecoms and declare them the winners on the ground that they did nothing wrong."

Jim Henley: "It's because the executive has so much power over the economic livelihood of the telcos that the countervailing threat of possible lawsuits is essential to preserving the civil liberties of citizens. If the government is the only thing the telcos fear, they will only trim their behavior to please the government. And we know that the government can't be trusted, ever."

Anonymous Liberal: "How to Legislate Like A Seven Year Old."

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