Sunday, July 01, 2007

Obama Kills. Again!

by shamanic

At least $31 million. Good lord. I've got some catching up to do.

Clinton expects to pull $27M, while John Edwards appears completely handicapped by being a white male in a lineup of an amazingly diverse, excellent heavy-hitters.

In a full disclosure way, I'll tell you that I gave Edwards $25 in Q1 when Bill Donohue of the Catholic League went after his campaign. I haven't given to anyone else, but I'll soon be joining the quarter of a million other Americans who've donated to Barack Obama's campaign, and I'll be giving regularly through the primaries.

I suppose I'm announcing my support for Barack Obama because I can't wait to face him in the general when I've crushed Mitt, Rudy, John, Fred, and Jim Henley to win the Republican nomination. We'll see how Barack's smooth eloquence matches my scruffy sarcasm. My sexual orientation should neutralize his race, and I'm pleased to announce that I'll be contacting Colin Powell soon to go into VP discussions (sorry Libby). My dad was in the Army, so I'm sure he's got Colin's number.

The Republican Party will be the first party ever to nominate a lesbian for President. What a sea change! I can't wait. Also, I'm from the south, and if you listen to any of the pundits out there, you know that southerners only vote for southerners, and that apparently a party can't effectively govern if it isn't beholden to southern interests. I know my fellow southerners will flock to my candidacy--I'm urban, professional, oh so queer!, and really speak for the needs of the south.

So bring it Barack! I'm salivating at the opportunity to trounce you next November!

Oh, and... according to WaPo,
While Obama's second quarter haul set a new off-year election mark for Democrats, it still falls well short of the best fund-raising tallies ever. President Bush holds the record for an off-election year, collecting $50 million between July 1 and Sept. 30, 2003 when he was running mostly uncontested in the GOP primary.
That means I'll start my financial support in a quarter where Obama could, maybe, possibly, in a crowded field of stellar candidates, outraise the unopposed George W. Bush for the same quarter just four years ago. If I were Obama's fundraising crew, I would set a private, unofficial goal of $51M for the quarter.

WaPo also says Mitt Romney fell short of the $21M he pulled in Q1, but Rudy might have outraised him. I'll believe it when I see it. The excitement is just not there on the GOP side.

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