Monday, July 02, 2007

Some Numbers

We the People has put together some great numbers that I'm going to steal wholesale right now:

U.S. Fatalities for June totals 101. This compares to 61 for June in 2006. This is almost double that of last year. You will see claims that things are getting better in Iraq from the "surge" strategy. Here's the data for June for the past 4 years:

June 2003 30
June 2004 42
June 2005 78
June 2006 61
June 2007 101

The chart above shows the 4 year totals for the same period July-June of each year. Below is the actual data from the chart:

Jul 2003-Jun. 2004 656
Jul. 2004-Jun. 2005 883
Jul. 2005-Jun. 2006 790
Jul. 2006-Jun. 2007 1043

Sooner or later those rose petals will come out of the cache.

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