Friday, July 06, 2007

Lieberman Invigorated by Liberal Bloggers' GOP Candidacies

by shamanic

You may have seen the Reuters report out today stating that Joe Lieberman (Enormous Ego-CT) may back the Republican nominee for president in '08. Cernig completely misreads this overture here, charging that, "So what does he do --- the same thing he has always done. Attempt to create political arbitage by slamming Democrats and embracing Republican frames."

Shakes also misunderstands here, noting
"Under other circumstances, I might admire a Senator of either party who was willing to publicly challenge his/her party’s line, but the differences between the Dems and the GOP are so vast at this moment in time on so many different issues, that it’s patent foolishness to pretend that there’s a possibility the nuances of their national platforms could swing you one way or another, unless you’re essentially a single issue voter."

Quite the contrary: The shamanic '08 campaign is getting reports out of Connecticut that Holy Joe has been totally reinvigorated by the newly-launched Republican candidacies of myself, Jim Henley, and Tim F. Joe's long and intimate relationship with the liberal blogosphere is finally bearing fruit, and my understanding is that Joe is pushing hard for Jim Henley to win the nomination, even helping Jim by disclosing his fundraising list. A Lieberman intimate told me by telephone, "Joe just loves the tallish, straight white guys. Something about them screams 'leadership', and he does love to be led around."

Joe Lieberman as the champion of the liberal blogosphere and savior of the GOP. It's really all he ever wanted from his life in politics. Congrats on Joe Lieberman's endorsement, Jim!

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