Friday, July 06, 2007

Droopy wants attention

Sen. Droopy (DfC-CT) wants attention. His pissing on the floor covered by the Wall Street Journal Op-Ed page isn't doing the trick anymore.

He is doing a good job of obstructing oversight and making everyone sit next to each other in a bipartisan and civil manner as his committees politely twiddle their thumbs. The threat of switching sides is an empty one as the organizing agreement for the Senate will allow Democrats to maintain control of the agenda and the committees even if he did flip, and his time in the spotlight is running out as he will no longer be a potential marginal voter after the 2008 election.

So what does he do --- the same thing he has always done. Attempt to create political arbitage by slamming Democrats and embracing Republican frames. Reuters is reporting that he is considering endorsing a Republican in 2008. I hope that he carries through with this threat as it should impart even more Joememtum to the highly energetic, experienced, and reality anchored field that is currently running.

I don't understand why he wants to do this. It is not like his major policy position that he has staked out as a signature differentiator is not attracting a growing bipartisan, multi-regional coalition around it. Yes, it is true that coalition is forming to argue forcefully against it, but goddamn it, there is bipartisanship there --- so why can't Sen. Droopy go be their sanctimonious, self-interested scold.

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