Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Instahoglets Independence day Edition

By Cernig

Some blog-links for America's Independence Day and some other good stuff from Blogtopia (ysydctp).

Bob Geiger finds nothing to celebrate this year and is foregoing the holiday in protest at what Bush has done to the nation.

Steve Benen, at Political Animal, has details on how Bush can't even thumb his nose at the law competently.

Is a Minnesota law that American flags must be made in the U.S.A. a good thing, or does it send a badly-conceived message that the American Dream is to be confined to these shores?

The Agonist has some "limey humor" on the recent terror scare there for you.

The American Street - Rick Moran, the Continental Congress and upholding the Right To Own Slaves.

BooMan - the Republicans are losing the money race bigtime.

Ali Eteraz explains why the media's reliance on former terrorists and radicals as a source of insight, or even of value, in dealing with radicalism and terror is just all wrong, and plays to the rightwing's xenophobia.

Steve Soto has some interesting but unconfirmed speculation on what political moves lay behind the abduction of those 15 Brit sailors in March - and some more on possible fallout.

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