Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Ledeen To Brits: Hurry Up And Lose!

By Cernig

I suppose this comes as no surprise, but the level of callous indifference for others' fate inspired by simple hatred of "the left" is still shocking.

From Michael Ledeen at National Review, on new British leader Gordon Brown's actions after the recent abortive attacks in the UK:
The obvious intent is to reduce the whole unpleasantness to a policing problem, which is what they did with the I.R.A...I too admire the British security forces, but I don't think they are the best counterterrorist force in the world, that medal goes to the Israelis, surely. And Israel, not Britain, is the lab experiment for what we will face: enemies within and without, a big border to control, and real battles to fight, lest the enemy truly threaten our survival as a free nation.

Maybe the Gordon Brown government will come to be seen as a test case for the multiculti Left's approach to "the war (shhh)," and if it fails quickly enough, it might help us sort out the real choices for November '08. After all, British failures have often been inspirational for America, sigh. [Emphasis Mine - C]
I thought I'd seen every idiocy there was from the "war forever" faction of the American conservative movement, but this plumbs a new low.

Ledeen, under even a charitable reading of his words, is hoping Gordon Brown's government will fail to stem a multiple of attacks in the UK, with a catastrophic loss of life. All so that "the left" will be discredited and conservative candidates can use such a failure as a campaign talking point in the American presidential elections next year.


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