Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tinfoil Hat Day

By Cernig

I know there wasn't an announcement, but it is officially Tinfoil Hat Day over on the Right of Blogtopia (ysydctp) today.

First to Captain's Quarters where Ed wants to describe the Left as a great monolith run by Chomsky, Casto and the ghost of Che. "The Left" he says, is in league with jihadis worldwide - and his evidence for this appears to be that some fringe lefty figures have confused their anti-war stance with support for violent extremists. No matter that "The Left" takes in a whole bunch of people who think those fringe figures such as Chomsky and London mayor "Red Ken" Livingston have lost the plot - Ed is certain that this unholy alliance between "The Left" and some Islamists is "the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact for our age." Because one runs the most militaristic and technologically advanced nation on earth and the other runs the largest - and they have an agreement to partition Poland. Or not.

But that's nothing compared to the wingnuttery that is todays Opinion Journal editorial. There, it becomes plain that not only does George Soros control "The Left" from his secret evil genius superbase but that he has also bought outright the loyalty of the UN and the entire sovereign governments of Europe - including the right of center Merkel and Sarkozy as well as faux-lefties Blair and Brown. And, it says, Soros only has one target for his evil genius plans - World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.

Yet the discerning will notice a common connection between the two - both rely on reporting by the New York Sun to create their grand conspiracy theories. The NY Sun, founded by neocon fraudster Conrad Black as a mouthpiece for neoconservative ideology, and edited by Ira "finish the war against the Arabs" Stoll, has printed such outright garbage as George Sada's dreams of Iraqi WMD, indulged in fauxtography and even supported Amir Taheri's yellow journalism over Iranian Jews and yellow stars. It has all the credibility of a neoconservative Pravda - which sounds just about right for these neoconservative tinfoil hat fantasies.

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