Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I Hate To Say I Told You So...

...but I told you so.

by Cernig

As our good friend Ron at Middle Earth Journal notes today, every administration source - Cheney, the US military and Condi - are all saying that the occupation of Iraq won't end while George Bush is in office.

And people are acting surprised - as if a new majority in Congress would make a difference to long-laid plans.

Here's a flashback from the old Newshog on December 6th, 2004:
According to The Scotsman newspaper, senior military sources in the British Army have said they have been told that the entire British contingent will be staying for 2 years with around 7,000 soldiers, a brigade-sized force, staying until late 2008. They had hoped to be able to get the majority of troops out by the end of this year, with a complete withdrawal by late 2006.

...You can bet your bottom euro (or dollar if you want a cheaper bet) that if the British Army will be in Iraq until 2008, there is no realistic chance of getting U.S. troops out any sooner than that - and it will probably be later. President Bush will preside over a full four year term with an Iraq War in progress, come what may.
It was always that obvious.

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