Monday, November 20, 2006

Not Even Fit To Wrap Fish In

Go check out Glenn Greenwald today as he gets the "gotcha" on the New York Sun - who indulged in some too-obvious fauxtography and posted a pic that they said was of the mastermind of Al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, but that turned out to be of imprisoned terrorism-suspect Jose Padilla.

Nice catch, Glenn.

Lest we forget, the New York Sun was one of the rags that backed up the infamous and discredited tale by neocon shill Amir Taheri that Iran was about to make it's Jewish citizens wear yellow stars or somesuch on their clothes. It has consistently used yellow journalism to promote war with first Iraq and then Iran, even to the point of reprinting ridiculous stories about Saddam's "missing WMD". It's managing editor, Ira Stoll, is on record as demanding that Washington finish the war against the Arabs.

If you wrapped fish in the New York Sun, you'd never get the stink off the fish.

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