Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the Wright and McCain

By Libby

I've been pressed into rendering some emergency assistance today so I'll be offline for a few hours. I don't have time to get to the morning news but I'd note that I'm putting my pledge into practice over at the Detroit News, where I explain why the Rev. Wright kerfluffle shouldn't matter and note that it's time to get some answers from McCain. If I may quote myself, here's the money grafs.
By that logic, then all those people who attended the churches where their religious leaders have been indicted for sex crimes are also automatically perverts and should answer for those crimes? All those Catholics whose priests molested young boys are automatically pedophiles and should be held accountable for those? Of course not, you say. So Obama is accountable for his pastor -- why exactly?

Meanwhile, McCain actively sought the endorsement of an angry white preacher who says Catholics are an evil cult and is actively seeking to foster Armageddon in order to speed up the rapture, another white preacher who says all Muslims should be wiped off the earth and his senior advisor told "an audience of young Jews that the religious right is a 'serious problem.'" And this guy is being paid to work for McCain. [video here] So why is no one asking McCain to be held accountable for Eagleburger's views? You think it has anything to do with the private barbecue he held for the media?
For those who don't click over to get the links, you really must watch the Eagleburger video. The body language, heck just his stumbling syntax, doesn't do much to inspire confidence in a potential McCain administration. I hate to get into an ageism thing, but man are these guys fossils or what?

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