Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life: The Musical

By Libby [Link Repaired]

I've loved musicals all my life. I mean, even as child I would stand in front of my parent's big bureau mirror and belt out a few tunes from Oklahoma, or State Fair or Carousel. I've always wished that people would bust into song like that in real life. Once, when I was bartending at a VFW post, I had about 25 drunks sitting around the bar one Sunday afternoon singing, but they broke up into three groups singing competing Beatles songs simultaneously. It wasn't quite what I had in mind. It was an awful din actually, but this is exactly what I've always dreamed of witnessing.
"For our latest mission, 16 agents staged a spontaneous musical in the food court of a Los Angeles shopping mall. We used wireless microphones to amplify the vocal performances and mix them together with the music through the mall's PA system. We filmed the mission with hidden cameras, mostly behind two-way mirrors. Apart from our performers, no one in the food court was aware of what was happening."
Just priceless. I wish I had been there. It would have made me really happy.

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