Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is the media really revolting?

By Libby

I've certainly done my share and more of media bashing but I'm hoping I see a new trend here. Court TV's Catherine Crier posting at HuffPo, joins in what seems to be an incipient Greek chorus of professional journalists who are openly expressing disgust with their less savory colleagues.
I could harp on the trivial or tabloid character of the material that passes for news, but that beef is for another day. Instead, it is time for serious revolt by the many journalists who cringe at the current product they are selling. I applauded yesterday as Brian Kilmeade walked off set when his companions on Fox and Friends blathered on insanely about Wright and again when Chris Wallace chastised them for their diarrheic oratory on the subject. This response should be repeated on the other outlets as well.
Amen to that and long overdue. I've been wondering for a very long time how the more ethical members of legacy media were able to look at themselves in the mirror every morning in the full knowledge that they were contributing to a failure to inform, even if only by their silence over the alarming malfeasance of their colleagues.

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