Friday, February 15, 2008

Micro trends in the horserace

By Libby

Just ran across this in the local paper. With such a small sample, I don't suppose you can extrapolate any major trend from it, but still, it offers a clue to where Edwards supporters are going.
Interviews with nearly 20 of Edwards' top contributors in the Carolinas, selected randomly, showed a majority of them tilting toward Obama, with some undecided.

No contributors said they're ready to back Hillary Clinton.
I'd add in my own family, my 'kids' are solidly Clinton but they hated Edwards from the start. They say they'll vote McCain before they would vote Obama. On the other hand my sister is strong on Obama and she was anti-Edwards right along. I haven't polled my Dad yet. I have a feeling he's probably for McCain but I could talk him out of it. Of course, I'm still solidly undecided. I'm too jaded. I don't trust either of them.

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