Tuesday, February 12, 2008

LGF Accuses OTB Of False Flag Blogging

By Cernig

Our good buddy the Leading Lizard, who kindly sends us weekend traffic to keep our advertising revenue up, has today accused moderate conservative James Joyner of being a closet Democrat carrying out "damage control for Barack Obama" by "blaming the meesenger".

The tell-tale giveaway is apparently that James has the temerity to balk at joining the baying Right's stampede over a Che flag in a lowly Obama volunteer's office.

John Cole has a similiar problem with Captain Ed Morrisey.

I wonder if James has considered it? I'm sure the Dems be delighted to have a man of his intelligence and integrity and John can attest that he won't go blind or impotent.

James and John, I'm sorry Johnston and Morrisey are being such idiots - but when you "actively pander to and encourage" the radical rightist elements of your party (e.g. LGF), as the Republicans have been determinedly doing for the past twenty years, you’re going to end up with embarrassing scenes like this.

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