Friday, November 09, 2007

Waterboarding is already illegal

by shamanic

Congress needs to quit splitting hairs. Rather than passing new laws that criminalize specific techniques when the broad umbrella of torture is already illegal, it needs to repeal all "retroactive immunity" provisions regarding torture and begin substantive investigations into practices. Offer immunity to lower-level military and intelligence personnel so that higher-ups can be effectively prosecuted by the next administration's DOJ.

The military has been shamed by this administration, and frankly I'm surprised that we've seen so few high-level resignations from the noble corps of men and women who lead the services. They know better, and too many have played along these last years in order to protect careers that are sadly rendered worthless by these activities.

George Bush's government authorized torture in our name. It isn't only the military that has been shamed. It's all of us. It's time for the Congress to actually represent us, to exact justice in our name and mitigate, however slightly, the stain that Bush's leadership has left on the United States.

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