Friday, November 09, 2007

Mukasey confirmed - Dems disappoint again

By Libby

I had one brief moment of shining hope last night, but once again the Democratic 'leadership' utterly failed to fulfil the mandate of the people to stand up for the constitution and stand against the excesses of our Madman in Chief. Mukasey was confirmed on a 53-40 vote with barely a whimper of opposition beyond the empty posturing on the floor prior to the vote.

I'm too disgusted to even talk about it, so I'll send you to Thoreau for the longer version of WTF were they thinking and as Glenn points out, so much for their lame 60 vote excuse for every failure of leadership since the day we put them into power.

These guys just don't get it. "Registering their displeasure" doesn't mean squat unless they use their votes and their procedural advantage to fight the ongoing destruction of everything it means to be an American. There will be much "registering of displeasure" today against this latest boneheaded capitulation to the president and his loyalists, but unlike our spineless Beltway bozos, I have a feeling a whole of us will be registering that displeasure at the ballot box in 08 with our votes.

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