Monday, November 05, 2007

Ron Paul raises serious dough in one day

By Libby

Just wow. Say what you will about the candidate and his supporters, they put their money where his mouth is. One of his supporters started a fund drive to raise $10 million in 24 hours.

Paul tracks his donations in real time on his web site. The clock started ticking at midnight when current donations were listed at $2,773,017.02. At the time of this posting — eight hours into the 24 hour effort — he had raised more than $1 million for a total of $3,805,615. In the time it took to write this post, he raised more than $30,000. The campaign has set a $12 million fundraising goal for the fourth quarter, which ends Dec. 31.

In the time it took to me to type the current numbers, it went up about another 500 bucks to $5,365,856.20. In the time it took me to type this post, it went up again to $5,374,748.76. Pretty incredible.

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