Monday, November 05, 2007

Fly like an Eagle

By Libby

I don't normally bother to read their blog, but I had no idea the Eagles came out with a new album so I clicked into the post. This Newsbusters guy uses up a whole lot of bandwidth slamming the group for allegedly slamming America. He seems to be miffed that they wrote about government imperialism and American materialism instead of penning some hard hitting, anti-jihadi tunes that ritually mock Islam and Osama. Whatever.

Me, even though I know every word of their greatest hits, I've never been a huge Eagles fan and wasn't planning to buy the album anyway but I'm really glad to see the old rockers like Henley and Springstein and Neil Young writing good old fashioned protest music again. Even though it doesn't have the same impact it did when "rock was young," anything that implants a little political consciousness into the uninformed masses can only be a good thing.

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