Friday, November 30, 2007

Instahoglets November 30th 2007

By Cernig

Something for the weekend?

Jill from Brilliant At Breakfast has a problem with Obama - and no, it isn't that he's Bin Laden's secret love-child.

I didn't believe Musharraf would rescind the state of emergency in Pakistan before the next elections. Of course, as Captain Ed rightly says, Mushie got most of what he wanted - a new term, a lickspittle Supreme Court, tamed parliamentary elections. And he can still reinstate it if he needs to.

Joe Biden won't serve as Secretary of State - but suggests Bill Richardson for President.

Publius Endures - Romney and the Robots: "Republicans really have turned into a party of empty, robotic automotons."

Eric Martin, writing at American Footprints, on how the Iraqi Kurds are trying to start an oil-race with their neighbours to further their quest for independence.

The American military is worried because the Iraqi government has no plan to deal with returning refugees - 70% of whom are coming back because they aren't allowed to work in Syria.

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