Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Instahoglets October 9 2007


Anything They Say—Ken wants you all to know you all totally suck and he’s quitting blogging forever! Except that he will blog again, and you don’t all suck! In fact he writes a great essay on the nature of ‘e-discourse’ so read it whilst you can and give him a tip o’ the hat for his fine work.

Kids Make the Cutest Targets!

Anonymous Liberal—Mark Steyn invites you to “clobber” his own 7 year-old son, just like he’s clobbering 12-year-old SCHIP beneficiary Graeme Frost—so don’t say privileged right-wingers aren’t prepared to sacrifice their kids for a good cause!

At Largely-- provides an impressively sourced post that covers everything about the Right’s parenting and nurturing skills (re: Graeme Frost).

Balloon Juice—shiny new ex-Republican John Cole is genuinely amazed and genuinely cognizant on just how philosophically perverse Republican mouthpieces really are.

On Iran

Hootsbuddy--excerpts a great article about why not to attack Iran from an uncommon source—the Financial Times.

CommonDreams—Scott Ritter pokes holes in the supposed Iran threat—with authoriteh! (hat-tip to Mentarch at Another Point of View and his pal, Punditman)


Connecting the Dots – discusses media mistrust and provides this money quote: Walter Cronkite signed off every night, saying “That’s the way it is,” and most Americans had no way to doubt it.

Gun Toting Liberal—provides a sharp perspective on the conventional wisdom of America’s global political victories and the meaning of “success”.

It Has To Be True!

Agitprop- Alabama minister dies breaking almost every rule of Leviticus, and some God hadn’t even thought of!

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