Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good faith arguments

by shamanic

Today Michelle Malkin spills billions and billions of electrons on Graeme Frost and SCHIP.

Basically, she doesn't approve of the choices that this family has made. Doesn't approve of their jobs. Doesn't approve of their home. Doesn't approve of the schools where they send their children. So she strongly, vehemently believes that the state of Maryland should have forced them to sell their home, burn through the profits and any savings they may have on medical bills, and then, once they were really poor, I guess we could talk about whether, as Michelle repeatedly states, "Taxpayers of lesser means forced to subsidize them." (Sorry, her statement is more of a commandment, that taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize them.)

Voters also have choices. We can let people like Michelle Malkin run interference for a party that wants to punish us and take away everything we've worked for if, God forbid, something terrible happens, or we can vote for a different kind of society, where a safety net exists to ensure that a family in need doesn't lose its home when a car accident lands two children in the hospital. Go and read her piece. Ponder the philosophy behind her words, one where everyone is truly on your own regardless of circumstances, and ask yourself if that's the country that you want.

That's what Michelle wants you to consider too: a choice between a nation run by those who cast aspersions freely, judge your every move, and always find you lacking, or a different kind of nation. I'm sure you see on what side of that fence I fall.

Later on... I was over on John Cole's blog reading through his sympathetic coverage of the Frost debacle and was pleased to see he quoted the first paragraph of this piece. And then was horrified to see how typo-ridden it was. I've cleaned it up here and really wish I could clean it up there. Sorry for the sloppy work.

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