Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fred Thompson - the Un-decider

By Libby
Updated below

Some days it's difficult to know what to make of Fred Thompson. Maybe he's not really the new Bush. He can't decide when to declare and he can't decide who he wants working for him. On the eve of his puported big announcement, yet another key operative has "resigned."
Jim Mills, the former Fox News producer who joined the campaign only weeks ago, has resigned due to "strategic differences." This from campaign manager Bill Lacy in a memo to the staff, sent out Tuesday "just before we begin the Big Dance."

"Our new Communications Director Todd Harris is building an experienced and aggressive team of campaign professionals to help lead our press operation," Lacy wrote. He added, "This constitutes a substantial shift, not in our candidate's message, but in the way we support it and enhance it. Due to this shift, Jim Mills has informed me that he is leaving the campaign due to strategic differences. I respect Jim's decision and encourage all of you to join me in wishing him the best of luck."

He's probably lucky to get out when he did. Thompson's ship looks ready to sink before it ever gets out of the harbor, but what really strikes me is how ruthless Fred is with his staff. These key people who get kicked out, leave what I'm sure are good jobs to join his campaign. He apparently thinks nothing of sending them packing within weeks of luring them in with one assumes would be promises of a big future in his envisioned administration. Clearly loyalty is not a word in his playbook.

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek at the ad he's going to run at end of BillO's show, instead of showing up at the debate tonight.

My reaction: Meh. It's rather unimpressive. His delivery is uninspring and the weight loss has not improved his physical appearance. Some people just look better with a few extra pounds on them. Before he looked kind of robust. Now he's looks kind of diminished and weasely to me.

Update: Fox News weighs in with a blistering condemnation of Fred's handling of the termination and report rumors of more pending defections as the candidate trashes the entire new media campaign strategy the departing team built, in favor of an old guard corporate approach.

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