Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Stupid and Immoral

I have long advocated, that no matter what a US or UK citizen thinks of the war in Iraq, and what the proper future course of action, one of the common grounds that should be advanced is the proposition that Iraqi civilians who directly aided US or UK military formations should have on their own option, a get out of Iraq card. We know that interpreters, analysts, guards and leaders are targeted as collaborators, and we know that this same population's families are also being targeted. We also know that the US/UK can not provide effective local protection for these people.

The United Kingdom is in the process of pulling back from Basra and to the International Airport in the province. Basra is a mess as the Sadrist JAM, Fadillah and SIIC are intensify their battles with other over control of the smuggling and oil export revenues now that the biggest militia (a reinforced brigade of the British Army) is out of the way. This withdrawal is leaving the UK intrepreters within the city. And here is the problem as reported by the BBC:

Whitehall officials ignored appeals by high-ranking army officers for asylum to be given to 91 interpreters and their families, according to the Times.

BBC security correspondent Frank Gardner says interpreters are marked men who "face a horrific death".

The MoD says it considers requests for help from serving or ex-employees on their "individual merits".
This is both immoral and stupid. The stupidity is simple as US and UK credibility decreases and therefore increases future difficulties in gaining local trust and help.

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