Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chertoff Wets Himself

By Cernig

Today DHS boss "Gremlin" Chertoff wets himself with terror in trying to justify a premature US leak of a UK intelligence operation last year - the so-called liquid bomb plot. Back then, premature leaks by senior Bush officials, for purely political ends, caused British law enforcement to scramble to ensure they could sweep up everyone involved in a plot which was at least weeks away from completion (most plotters didn't even have passports). Sixteen were arrested and several walked free due to lack of evidence and others may never have been caught at all.

ABC News joins in and wets itself over a propoganda video of an undisclosed amount of explosives made to an undisclosed formula making a big boom. Whether the original plotters had the ability to turn components into an actual bomb and then successfully mix them in non-laboratory circumstances in the toilet cubicle of a plane is another matter. But it's a no matter. ABC wet themselves along with Chertoff - and the usual suspects immediately follow suit.

But for all the incontinence being shown, no-one has come up with a way to prevent what they're all wetting themselves over. That's your strong-on-national-security team at work. The only thing they excel in is the politics of fear.

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