Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The future of Justice

By Libby

The timing on the Gonzales resignation begins to make more sense. After some seven months of testimony revealing that the Bush administration, under the careful watch of Fredo, politicized prosecutions by targeting Democrats, today the duns ACT for a hefty fine, which the media is careful to connect to one of the right wing's favorite object of derangement, George Soros. This hot on the heels of yesterday's indictment of an Edwards donater in Michigan and some alleged scandal about a mysterious Democratic funder in California that I didn't have time to read about, that was linked with Hillary.

This is all designed of course to put the Dems on the defensive in anticipation of the big sell on the certain to be positive Petreaus report. Taking Fredo out of the picture will provide the media with an excuse to diminish the focus on the pattern of illegal politicization of the process in the past so they can do it all over again in the present to serve their current need to continue this ill-advised occupation and allow the hapless AG to become a dim memory by the time they use the same trick to discredit Democrats before the general elections.

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