Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The dangerous dearth of decent media

By Libby

I'm already cranky tonight and this inane excuse for an editorial in the Boston Globe has not improved my mood. Cernig has already debunked every lame White House talking point this sorry screed dutifully delivers so let me skip straight to the bitching.

I'm really sick of hearing about how the Democrats are in trouble because they pinned their star to "defeat" and things are now going so bloody well in Iraq when exactly the opposite is true. How do people like Jacoby sleep at night knowing they're screwing their kids out of their future to prop up a madman's delusions of empire? An editor at the Boston Globe is not an uniformed Fox News viewer. It's his job to read the news.

He knows that O'Hanlon and Pollack are not war critics. He knows that Anbar has nothing to do with the surge and could in fact blow up again in the near future. He knows the Petreaus report is a setup but he reports the half-truths and outright lies as gospel.

He's supposed to be exposing abuse of power, not covering it up. This administration has set the fuse on a tinderkeg in the Middle East and Jacoby and his ilk are lighting the match. I find it incomprehensibly irresponsible.

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