Saturday, July 28, 2007

Shamanic's Week in Review

by shamanic

I got pinned down at work, with assignments flying from every direction and the pressure of my long deployment in the cubicle jungle really wearing on me. Sometimes those around me were subjected to a type of gallows humor as my 8-hour days stretched to 10 and beyond. Protracted periods of stress can do that to a person--but at least I didn't have the right wing screech machine calling for my head.

I still prefer Hillary's answer to Barack's, but I'm pleased to report that the public seems to have sided squarely with Obama in this little fisticuff. *Whew* Still, for some reason there's a strong contingent of Republicans who think of Hillary as "the candidate of the left". What?

Gonzo continued representing the Administration before the congress, precisely living up to its timeless ethical standards: he lied. I don't even need to find you a link.

I finished Glenn Greenwald's A Tragic Legacy last night, and I recommend it with the caveat that: if you love America (and if you're reading this blog, odds are good that you love it and worry for it) Glenn's book will hurt you deeply. He writes like a steamroller, slow and crushing, until there is simply nothing left in the way to shield you from the wasteland of American principle that the Bush administration has wrought.

So Digby, where's your book?

The most emotionally painful story of the week for me was the Tour de France's complete self-immolation. Following Alexander Vinokourov's removal for blood doping, a spasm of rage seems to have gripped the sport of cycling and tour leader Michael Rasmussen was fired from the Rabobank team and sent home. He appears to have never tested positive for banned substances, but missed four out-of-competition tests over the last 18 months. Evidence mounted that he lied about his whereabouts. The team's sponsor apparently insisted that he go, and he is gone. PAINFUL. I've watched Mussi closely over the last few years and was so excited that he had a shot. When he flew over the Alps and into yellow, I was in love with cycling all over again. I haven't watched a stage since Rasmussen left.

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