Saturday, July 28, 2007

Instahoglets July 28 2007

By Cernig

Here's some stuff I've been reading today.

Another day, another lame Iran story. This time from reliably neocon shill Con Coughlin in the Telegraph. A missile gets fired at an aircraft in Afghanistan - yikes, it must be Iranian! Despite the article showing no proof for that claim and instead noting just how many thousands of US and ex-Iraqi anti-aircraft missiles are floating about a region with utterly porous borders. It's like someone wanting to hide Bush's failures has ordered that every rightwing report on Iraq or Afghanistan must imply Iran is to blame in at least one sentence, whether the story warrants it or not.

Brian Buetler on Bush's ignoring the law so that he can help India in their nuclear arms race with Pakistan.

Down With Tyranny asks why Republicans are so scared of the people they hope to govern.

Moon of Alabama on arming the Iraqi Sunni insurgency and why the Shia government thinks that might be a bad idea.

Eric Martin on the Saudis and a new arms deal in return for helping stabilize Iraq - there's only one tiny flaw in the plan, it's bollocks. Ian Welsh has similiar thoughts.

Kevin Drum has a look at the Heritage Foundations "study" which says it could be economically viable to attack Iran if all the policy ideas the Heritage folks want enacted anyway were put in place. Odd coincidence, that. Especially given how many Bush administration staffers were involved.

Dr. Steven Taylor, a sane conservative poli-sci professor, gives insane conservative lawyer John Hindraker a lesson in American government and the Constitution. One of the best wood-sheddings this week.

Few have noticed in the blogosphere, but down in San Antonio we have a major scandal brewing - the biggest case of Iraq-related corruption and bribery yet involving over $15 million in bribes to an army Major from ten different (as-yet unnamed) military contractors. Hands up all those that think this will eventually involve one or more Republicans on the Hill...

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