Saturday, June 30, 2007

The 'Scooby-Doo Villain' Excuse

By Cernig

Yesterday, Rick Moran posted a long attack on "liberals" for being the reason Bush failed in Iraq and for being mean enough to say that failure might have had something to do with Bush's policies. He writes:
liberals are employing a strategy that attempts to obscure their stated desire that the United States lose the war while at the same time, deflecting attention from a 4 year effort to convince the American people that trying to bring democracy to Iraq was a hopeless exercise in wishful thinking and that the war has been a lost cause from the start.

They deny it, of course. In fact, they get downright nasty if you even try and point it out. They will whine that their criticisms of the war effort have been misconstrued. They were simply trying to help win the war by pointing out the incompetence and wrongheadedness of the Bush Administration. They really had the US interests at heart all along.

Yes, I have an eight foot invisible rabbit as a friend too.

Never wanting for originality and creativity in seeking to defend themselves, the left is employing a tactic that in another time and other circumstances, they profess to abhor. They have adopted the doctrine of preemption while at the same time, using a tried and true favorite analogy that ties the right’s criticism of their curious sense of patriotism to the Nazis.

They claim the right is sharpening their knives in anticipation of employing a “stabbed in the back” defense for our inevitable defeat in Iraq.
Rick then goes on at length to describe how, in his view, liberals stabbed Bush and his incompetently-waged war of choice in the back.

It's a new variant on what I termed last year the "Scooby-Doo Villain" Excuse.

"Our neocon master plan would have worked if it wasn't for those pesky...liberals who undermined us/propaganda defeats that were probably faked/lilly-livered politicians/cowardly generals who wouldn't be cruel enough/terr'ists who wouldn't fight the way we wanted them to." (Delete as applicable)

You'd think by now they would've worked some kind of solution to the "peskies" into their master plan. After all, they've failed to carry through on their promises in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon...

You know, like a sitting President teamed with a massive congressional majority and a tame media who swallowed all the crappy reasons for war wholesale, at least for the first three years...oh, wait.

But they haven't and in fact are already pressing to apply their warmongering to Iran and to Syria. Next time, they say the neocon plan will work for sure, no matter what the experts on fighting a fourth-generation enemy have to say about it. As long as those "peskies" don't backstab them again...

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