Thursday, May 24, 2007

For whom the death toll rises...

By Libby

The stench of sweaty desperation is thick in the air today. You know the occupation supporters have got nothing when they pull this old moth-eaten canard out of the trash bin.
** The US has been fighting the War on Terror for over 5 years and has lost just over half the soldiers in battle as the Clinton Administration was losing during peacetime in 8 years.

It puts things into perspective.

Don't expect this grim milestone to be reported by the mainstream media any time too soon.
Could that be because that "milestone" was debunked as fraudulent well over a year ago? Why -- yes it was -- on March 22, 2006 in fact, by Robin Burk at Winds of Change, hardly a bastion of liberalism. When one filters out the irrelevant metrics used to get Gateway's numbers, the statistics clearly show a significant increase in deaths due to hostilities since the Iraq invasion.

As Burk points out, intellectual dishonesty stinks no matter which side of the fence it's coming from. It's bad enough that the remaining Bush Doctrine supporters are trying to foist off ownership of the occupation onto the Democrats. Can't they at least stop trying to rewrite history?

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