Thursday, April 26, 2007

Tony Snow Returns to the Podium on Monday

by shamanic

I love the good news, like that Tony Snow plans to be back to battling the (largely insignificant) reporters of the Washington Press Corps on Monday.

We live in a world that hasn't yet "cured cancer" in the miracle sense. A diagnosis still heralds a difficult slog through surgery, chemical treatments, or a combination of both. Too often, the end result is still an untimely death brought on by the disease.

But what is a timely death? And it isn't as though the options are die of disease or don't die at all. The great news of Tony Snow's return (and Elizabeth Edwards encouraging her husband's campaign to continue) is that the rest of us get to see models of vigorous, engaged lives being lived well. We're all gonna die, after all. Stories like these, and like our own struggles and overcoming, and the battles waged by our friends and loved ones, inspire us to live more, to love more thoroughly, to reach out further, and to pursue our happiness with our whole being.

Welcome back, Tony.

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