Thursday, April 26, 2007

Best Blog Line of the Day

by shamanic

So David Broder continues his assault on incompetence in Washington by going after... Harry Reid. This is exactly the kind of crack reporting we've come to expect from the fuzzy old man of the columnist corps! Of course the right wing blogs are heralding his weird commentary, in which he makes a specious comparison between Reid (effective Senate Majority Leader who is currently ushering difficult and combative legislation through that body) and Alberto Gonzalez (White House lapdog Attorney General whose failure of leadership and tendency to corruption led to the ouster of US Attorneys who were insufficiently zealous in their pursuit of Democrats and bogus voter fraud claims).

Macsmind, supporting Broder's assertion that Reid is poison to the Democratic Party, has this awesome commentary:
It doesn’t help that continued gafts like this seem to be helping to keep Bush approval numbers steady.
Okay, but here's the punchline: The story he links to gently mocks the media for "epic collapse in Bush's approval" stories. Here's how that's supported:
According to, a nonpartisan compendium of polls, Bush's average approval rating for April 2007 is 34.6. What was his approval exactly a year ago, for all of April 2006? It was 35.6. Neither number is impressive, but what's clear is that Bush is hanging in there, approval-wise -- no "epic collapse."
My God, Macranger must be right! Harry Reid is poison, and to prove it, he'll point out that just over one-third Americans approve of the job Bush is doing! One-third! Clearly Harry Reid is doomed!

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