Friday, April 13, 2007

This Mornings DoJ Document Dump

By Cernig

Have a wander over to Raw Story, where Michael Roston reports on what they've found in new documents released to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees this morning, as a result of subpoenas issued earlier in the week.

The highlights?

  • Jan. 25 - Describing counsel to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) as "a sensible fellow" who could be talked into heading off a major investigation of the US Attorney firings. (Hey, that worked well...)

  • Jan. 10 - William Moschella, Deputy Attorney General, talks about "educating" Republican senators and congressman on preserving the provision that allowed the Bush administration to indefinitely appoint interim US Attorneys. (That one too...)

  • March 6 - "I am concerned that the format of this dribbling out in questions may muddy things up a bit," Justice Department spokeswoman Tasia Scolinos writes to Catherine Martin, a White House counterpart (Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino is also Cc'd). "The DAG said they are actively working with members to tee the right questions up but I am concerned."

  • "muddying up" is popular with Scolinos. In an earlier mail she wrote ""Right now the coverage will be dominated by how qualified these folks were and their theories for their dismissals," she writes. "We are trying to muddy the coverage up a bit by trying to put the focus on the process in which they were told," that they were being asked to resign."

  • A spreadsheet that shows that membership in the Federalist Society, a conservative law school fraternal organization, was noted in the evaluations.

  • Obvious redactions and censorship galore, in spite of the order of the Judiciary Committee's subpoena that the documents be "complete and unredacted versions"

    It doesn't take a crystal ball to see more subpoenas coming. In fact, if investigations find who ordered or made those redactions I think there's a clear cut case for contempt charges.
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