Friday, April 13, 2007

"Liberal" Media And Blogs Ignore Debunk Of Iran Nuke Narrative

By Cernig

Yesterday I posted about the IAEA's assertion that Iran, far from having a thousand or three thousand operating centrifuges busy enriching uranium, had only a couple of hundred and even those didn't work all that well.

The report is important because it is a major blow to the accepted narrative, created out of whole cloth by neocons who want war with Iran, that the nuclear program is an immediate threat and that Iran could have a nuke in a year or two.

Not to mention it shoots a hole in the posturing of President Ahmadinejad, a figure progressives often seem to become reluctant apologists for against the neocon war hype, even though we know he is not a nice person. To be able to write about his being taken down a peg and still combat the warmongering should be a breath of fresh air.

You would think that the "liberal" US media would be all over this one today. Nope. Hardly a whisper. Yahoo! had the AFP's version but didn't front-page it. Forbes repeated the AFP's report online too. The NYT, WaPo or LA Times? The major news networks? Fuggedaboutit.

How about progressive bloggers then? Surely they will make an outcry and force the media to examine this evidence that the narrative for war with Iran is all whispers and smoke?

Nope again.

WTF, people? I know the AttorneyGate email story is the big one, and I agree it's important...but there were more progressive bloggers writing about f**king IMUS this morning than covering this debunk of both Ahmadinejad's preening and the neocon narrative!

Update At least Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, the Arms Control Wonk, is on the case (I knew he would be). He agrees that the rightwing hysteria over thousands of centrifuges might as well be written on placards for bell-waving "end of the world is nigh" style ranters. Which is just as well. Despite years of doom-mongering about terrorist nukes and "mushroom clouds over American cities", the Bush administration still doesn't have a plan for what to in such an unlikely eventuality.

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