Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm not an atheist, but...

by shamanic

Having read this post, I'm inclined to think that maybe the "proper" view for atheists is that politics is bad.

Mencius Moldbug points to Nazism and Marxism, says, "Let's say these are religions", and then concludes:
If trivial changes to hypothetical history convert reasonable policies into monstrous injustices, or vice versa, your perception of reality cannot be correct. You have been infected by a toxic meme.
But why make the trivial changes? Why not just look at Nazism and Marxism for the political systems they are as proof that politics is a toxic meme?

I'm the first to agree that humans are irrational and faulty and flawed and too often dangerous, but religious faith hardly has the market cornered on making us so.

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