Friday, December 08, 2006

The Red Flag Over Washington?

Well no, not really.

But you couldn't tell by reading some American uber-right blogs today.

Given a Reuters story entitled "European Socialists eager to work with U.S. Democrats" which begins with:
European Socialists promised on Thursday to work to rebuild Europe's strategic alliance with the United States now that the Democrats control Congress after last month's elections.

Socialist leaders attending a meeting of the European Socialist Party pledged that with the Democrats on the rise, strong ties could be renewed with the United States after years of cool relations with Republican President George W. Bush.

Howard Dean, chairman of the national committee of the U.S. Democratic Party, is attending the two-day conference together with the leaders of leftist governments of several countries and party leaders from across Europe.

"We are not anti-American, we want the real America, your America," former Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, president of the European Socialist Party, said in remarks directed at Dean.
It is depressingly predictable that you will get blog posts like these:

  • Euro Leftists Heart The Democrat Party
    Probably as much as al-Qaida does right now. Yes, one can tell a great deal about some by the company they keep. For anyone out there who has refused to admit that Democrat Party leadership has been hijacked by international leftists (Soros and his lapdog Dean for example), here's your wake up call.
  • The Socialist Love Fest
    So lets count them. Who backs the Democrats?


    And they are proud of this?
  • If There Were Any Doubts That Democrats Are Socialists, Read This
    Now we know why Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry et al. kiss up to all the socialist dictators around the world.

    Now you know why it is dangerous to have democrats in charge of congress.
    All typical scaremongering nonsense for the base and all typically uncaring about what really happens beyond their own shores.

    Do you think any of them realise that Tony Blair - so lauded by the uber-right for his devotion to their Decider - is a socialist at the head of a socialist Labour party?

    Do you think any of them realise that those French "surrender monkeys" they are so scathing about have been led by Republican conservatives for at least the last decade?

    Has it crossed any of their feotid imaginations that, although the U.S. Democtrat Party is about as "socialist" as, say, the current British Conservative Party, it at least is to the left of, say, Genghis Khan? And that thus it is seen as the lesser of two evils even by the European right wing (who are well aware that there's only one real socialist in the U.S. Congress and his name is Bernie)?

    Of course not. And it is exactly that kind of blinkered, ignorant, parochial, egocentric and hegemonic America-biggest-so-best attitude that everyone else - including conservatives - on the planet is heart-felt sick of.
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