Friday, December 08, 2006


The last rites have been spoken over the misbegotten corpse of the Iraq Study Group's report a scant 24 hours after its birth. Yesterday, in a press conference with his pet poodle in attendance,
Mr. Bush, making his first extended comments on the study, seemed to push back against two of its most fundamental recommendations: pulling back American combat brigades from Iraq over the next 15 months, and engaging in direct talks with Iran and Syria. He said he needed to be “flexible and realistic” in making decisions about troop movements, and he set conditions for talks with Iran and Syria that neither country was likely to accept.

...While the president said he would give the report serious consideration, he said he did not intend to accept all 79 recommendations. “Congress isn’t going to accept every recommendation in the report,” Mr. Bush said, “and neither will the administration.”
Now, ignoring many of the report's recommendations makes considerable sense. It makes even more sense for other nations, given that they are sane enough to act in their own national interests. But Bush is saying the commission were idiots on two out of three of their main points (and I agree with him in as far as both were extreme wishful thinking pretending to be serious policy reviewing). The other one was that the Iraqi government should take prompt action on reconcilliation - so Bush is fine with that one!

Given that he's still the Decider for two years - and the Dems aren't going to even try to impeach him, as Chris Bowers and Kos acknowledged today - the ISG report and it's parents are now politically dead and can be quietly buried. The End.

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