Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Primary Update

By Cernig

Down here in San Antonio, with 3% reporting, Clinton leads Obama by 6%. Across Texas as a whole, it's neck and neck with only 40,000 or so votes separating the candidates after 11% reporting. So much for Texas being a Clinton safe haven, eh? You have to worry that it shows up an electability problem.

Meanwhile, Texas has given McCain enough delegates to become the GOP's nominee. Amazingly, 30% of Texas Republicans still thought evolution-disbelieving Mad Mick was the right choice to lead the world's most scientifically advanced nation. Anecdotally, at my local Denny's about the same percent of the regulars would rather see Texas secede than suffer Clinton as president.

Vermont went massively to Obama and Rhode island went to Clinton by a smaller margin. As Libby says, it's not over.

Update Clinton pulls out a win in Texas. As usual, my horse-race predictions were wrong. Even though early results showed a 6% lead for Obama, as the night wore on Clinton caught and passed him.

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