Saturday, March 01, 2008

Mukasey Jaunts To Gitmo

By Cernig

Attorney General Michael Mukasey had an afternoon jaunt to Gitmo on Wednesday, presumably to make sure prosecutors there would toe the administration line in the wake of several embarassing resignations. There are no reports that he tried waterboarding himself to see if he thought it was torture.

Amazingly, military tribunals are only expected to hear charges against some 80 detainees - out of the 275 still held at Gitmo and over 800 who have passed through Gitmo's gates in total. Even a ten per cent charge rate seems...inadequate recompense...for such a loss of American prestige and such a trampling on the rule of law.

Thirty four international law organisations, including Britain's Law Society, have signed a joint letter to Bush to express their condemnation of the situation in Guantanamo Bay. "We feel that it is inherently unfair to have one justice system for American citizens and another for so-called 'enemy combatants', particularly when such a system has no basis in international law.", UK Law Society president Andrew Holroyd said.

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