Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Instahoglets March 11 2008

By Cernig

It's been a while since I did one of these little roundups. But after an insomniac night it seems maybe now's a good time.

Dave Schuler takes the Spitzer story as his springboard to observe that "The problem with running as a reform candidate is that the voters actually expect you to reform." Are you listening, Obama?

Spencer Ackerman continues to poke holes in the empty suit from Brookings, Michael O'Hanlon.

A majority of Clinton supporters want a Clinton-Obama dream ticket. A majority of Obama supporters don't. Does that say something about wishes for party unity or about electability?

Steve Benen finds himself sarcastic about how hard it is to be white and male in America nowadays.

Blue Girl: "The same people who advocate torture also promote the cultural myth of American Exceptionalism. Newsflash, you sadistic brutes, if you want to make that claim, you have to act in an exceptional manner, or you are just a stupid, hypocritical joke, scorned and mocked by all the world."

In honor of the late Gary Gygax, Charlie Stross has Dungeons and Dragons stats for the "three hopeful monsters" of the U.S. presidential race. "After all, as Douglas Adams remarked, the whole point of voting for flesh-eating lizards in any election is that if you don't vote, the wrong lizard might get in."

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