Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From The "Religion Of Peace" Files

By Cernig

Here's one you won't find the Malikinites hyping.
STOCKHOLM - The head of a Swedish newspaper has received death threats after publishing a drawing of the devil defecating on Jesus, he said Tuesday.

"I have been exposed to various threats ... and I have interpreted several of them as death threats," said Ola Sigvardsson, editor in chief for Ostgota Correspondenten daily.

He said one person had left a message saying he wanted to see the editor's throat slit and that "if no one dealt with it, then Jesus would do it".

The drawing, published March 1, was part of a poster for a punk festival in Linkoping in southern Sweden. Shortly before the festival began, municipal employees pulled the poster off the city's information boards.

Sigvardsson decided to publish the drawing because he saw the removal of the poster as an act of "censorship".

"It was our duty to tell what happened, and to do it we had to also show the image," he said.

Sigvardsson has filed a complaint with the police. No special security measures have been put in place for the editor, though police are taking the threats seriously, said police inspector Mats Allard.
I half expect hordes of rightwing trolls in comments telling me why this is any different from religious nuts of an Islamic persuasion sending death-threats to cartoonists who depict Muhammed in unflattering style. But the simple truth is that every religion, and plenty of non-religious ideological positions, attract nutcases who will happily threaten and kill for their own pet cause. It's part of the human condition.

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