Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WSJ reaches low for irrelevance

By Libby

Well, we all knew the WSJ would go further downhill once Rupert Murdoch got his clutches on the rag, but this editorial surely sounds the final death rattle of any sense of reason coming from their editorial office. I had to look at the masthead twice to make sure I'd hadn't inadvertently clicked into Faux News. They have of course been cheeringleading for telecom immunity for weeks now but this cheap shot at Obama for voting for the rule of law, takes the definitions of inane and mendacity to a whole new universe of meaning.

Don't even bother to click the link. It's a waste of three minutes that could be better spent in higher pursuits, like taking out the trash. But here's their closing graf to give you a sense of how far they've fallen from meaningful discourse.
The defeat of these antiwar amendments means the legislation now moves to the House in a strong position. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is in the Dodd-Obama camp, but 21 Blue Dog Democrats have sent her a letter saying they are happy with the Senate bill. She may try to pass the restrictions that failed in the Senate, and Republicans should tell her to make their day. This is a fight Senator McCain should want to have right up through Election Day, with Democrats having to explain why they want to hamstring the best weapon -- real-time surveillance -- we have against al Qaeda.
I'm sure I don't need to point out how desperate these false memes look. It's sad really but I suppose on some level this pathetic abuse of bandwidth might be used as a primer by future generations who will someday study how once revered media commited suicide, so there is that.

Meanwhile, our last hope to overcome the snakes in the Senate who sold us out again and save the rule of law, now rests in Pelosi's hands. That point at least is true. You know what to do.

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