Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Post-Super Tuesday Thoughts

  1. Congrats to a good friend and former co-blogger for finally setting his wedding date. I heard about it last night
  2. Thanks for another good friend who threw together the Super Tuesday party --- a good thirty or so people showed up, lots of good beer, great cookies, better conversation and yelling at the TV and drunkenly explaining the proportional delegate allocation rules in even and odd Democratic districts --- good times
  3. The anti-Romney faction is very alive and well, with the McCain and Paul camps throwing West Virginia to Huckabee yesterday afternoon. All his work, and he was just able to secure the Canadian border states without actually having to live there.
  4. Obama I think had a better than expected night. I was not expecting him to be able to poach CT out from under Clinton, and I was slightly surprised at the very late victory in Missouri, but these figures were so close that the delegates will be a wash.
  5. Eyeballing the TV news crawl last night, it seemed like in every state that was reporting. Democratic turnout was massive compared to GOP turnout --- good news, especially in the purple and red states.
  6. The crowd I was with last night was young, highly educated, politically and policy active and overwhelmingly liberal --- and there were very few super strong candidate preferences, instead everyone was a happy leaner. There is still some momentum in the game.

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