Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Josh Marshall

by shamanic

Josh Marshall is 39 today, and has a cool little post up about up birthdays and fatherhood and the contentment and mystery of his life.

If bloggers can have blogging heroes, I will claim Josh as one of my most significant. When I was dealing with the various elements of my life back in 2003, having returned to a city I didn't love for a relationship that was at best uncertain and experiencing a lengthy bout of unemployment with no good prospects on the horizon, Josh's daily updates and insights into the wider world kept me grounded into the mental landscape that I had always loved about the Internet, and he was one of my primary inspirations for starting Simianbrain.

The blogging format, contrary to the "old media" approach of writers providing stories about everything but themselves, has allowed Josh and so many more of us to provide small windows into not only our thinking, but our lives. Josh got married. Josh moved to New York. Josh's father passed away. Josh and his wife had a baby, and when little Sam pops up on Talking Points Memo from time to time, you can feel his daddy's joy and awe at this little person they made and are shaping.

So Happy Birthday, Josh. We've never met, but your work and your approach to it continues to inspire me as a writer and a thinker (such as that is), and I wish you many, many happy more.

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